Doc Severinsen plays Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride

A little Sleigh Ride music to get the season started off!

Posted by Jari Villanueva on Friday, December 11, 2015

Doc Severinsen is famous for being the leader of the Tonight Show band during the years while Johnny Carson was still the host. This arrangement of Sleigh Ride starts off traditional then breaks into an upbeat swing.

Listening Questions:

  • Is he using vibrato?

    Is he using vibrato? If so, what kind of vibrato is he using?

  • How would you describe Doc’s style?

    What style is Doc Severinsen playing in for this song? How would you describe it? What “era” does this style belong to?

  • What about posture?

    Something a lot of people admire Doc Severinsen for is his perfect embouchure. But that perfection is holistic. Observe how he stands and how he holds the instrument. All of these things contribute towards great musicianship.

Eddie Lewis posts these videos as listening assignments to his students. He often tells the students that “listening is more important than practicing”. To that end, he shares the videos so the students have something to inspire them to listen more often to professional trumpet players.

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