Freddie Hubbard – First Light

I remember when Sweet Return first came out. I loved it! There is a lick Freddie Hubbard plays on that album that completely changed my approach to improvisation. The balance on this video is not so hot. You can barely hear the trumpet at all. But it’s a great opportunity to see how he played.

Listening Questions:

  • Best trumpet player in the world?

    What does it mean to you when someone says that so and so is the “best trumpet player in the world”?

  • Cool lip slur lick.

    At about 4:08 Freddie Hubbard does a fast lip slur, moving it up and down chromatically. This is one of his signature licks. Look at him while he does this. There is very little movement. How do you think he’s doing it?

  • What was the high note at the end?

    At the very end of the tune, Freddie Hubbard plays a high note. What note is it?

Eddie Lewis posts these videos as listening assignments to his students. He often tells the students that “listening is more important than practicing”. To that end, he shares the videos so the students have something to inspire them to listen more often to professional trumpet players.

That said, if you are not one of Mr. Lewis’ students, we welcome you, too. The more the merrier! Welcome to Feel free to post your comments and questions below.