Talented Musicians and Apreciative Audience

Our Cezanne gig on the 19th was a huge success. We filled the house and everyone we spoke with was very pleased with the experience.

It was wonderful to see and reconnect with so many of our students and past students. Too many to list here. Suffice it to say that they were spread across the room from one end to the other. We want to thank you for coming out.

We also want to thank the regular jazz fans who made it out. It is the audiences that take the gigs over the top. We appreciate that you were all so attentive and seemed genuinely interested in what we do. Jazz is a musical conversation between the musicians and the audience. It is always a special thing to perform for people who want to be an active part of that conversation. So thank you.

Special Thanks to the Musicians

Eddie Lewis – Trumpet
Ernesto Vega – Clarinet and Tenor Sax
Joe Locascio – Piano
Anthony Brock – Bass
Osama Raad – Drums

This performance would not have been the success it was without the musicians. When I first approached Joe with my idea, it was just a vague concept. These guys turned my “musical daydream” into a reality.

This was my first time to perform with Ernesto. I asked him to be a part of this project because I had heard a recording of his clarinet playing and I was very impressed, not only with his technical skills, but with his musicianship. Ernesto understands the jazz language and to hear that kind of playing on a clarinet was a treat.

Joe is someone who I had performed with before in the past, but not often enough. We had been tossing the idea of doing a performance together for several years and it was a wonderful to finally make it happen. I hesitate to say that Joe is a “sensitive” player, because he is much more than just that. But that is what I appreciate about him most. I like working with him because he listens to what’s going on. When you work with musicians who listen, it elevates the performance to something more meaningful than just a performance. It’s no longer about “how good” we are as musicians. We are not performing tricks for the audience. We are creating a human, musical connection.

I had worked with Anthony in some other bands before, mostly commercial stuff. To be completely honest, I didn’t know he could be so expressive. That is the nature of the work we do sometimes. We are good at it and we enjoy what we do, but it doesn’t always utilize our full skill set. So it was nice to hear Anthony in this other context.

Osama was a Godsend. I won’t spell that out, but the guys all know what I’m talking about. Osama brought the right touch to the band. He was very open to listening to my concept and he made it work.

I also want to thank Woody Witt for booking the band.

Thank You Gentlemen!

You honored me by your treatment of my compositions and it was a pleasure working with each of you.


Pearl did take photos and you can see them below:

Eddie Leiws and Living Rhythms at Cezanne Jazz Club