Pete Rodriguez – Confirmation

Here is an imaginative take on Charlie Parker’s hallmark standard, Confirmation. Pete Rodriguez does this with only a bass accompaniment and pulls it off nicely.

Years ago, Eddie Lewis performed with Pete’s father, “El Conde”, and Pete was the music director for the gig. It’s nice to hear him in this different setting.

Listening Questions:

  • Rhythms going into the bridge?

    About fifteen measures into the song, Pete changes the rhythm of the melody. What did he change and why?

  • Long notes in the first solo chorus?

    In the first solo chorus, Pete plays a series of long notes in two different spots. Why is he doing that?

  • What is outside playing?

    If someone says that Pete was playing outside on this recording, what would that mean to you? Describe his outside playing in your own words.

Eddie Lewis posts these videos as listening assignments to his students. He often tells the students that “listening is more important than practicing”. To that end, he shares the videos so the students have something to inspire them to listen more often to professional trumpet players.

That said, if you are not one of Mr. Lewis’ students, we welcome you, too. The more the merrier! Welcome to Feel free to post your comments and questions below.