Congratulatons Aaron Cosse

Scholarship Recipient

We want to congratulate Aaron Cosse for his full ride scholarship to Texas A & M Prairie View. Aaron will be majoring in music.

Aaron has been studying with Eddie Lewis for a little over a year and is one of Mr. Lewis’ most improved students, ever. Aaron has invested the time and effort and utilized the practice techniques he learned in the lessons. He is evidence of the power of proper practice.

Even though we have not had the time with Aaron that we’ve had with some of the other students, we are proud of his accomplishments, not just on the instrument but also as a young man. He has accomplished in this short fifteen months what most students accomplish in more than twice the time.

Congratulations Aaron! Keep up the good work.

* We never posts full names of school aged students unless the parents specifically request that we do so. We do this out of respects for the students’ privacy.

Also, we do not post accomplishments of any professional players who take lessons from Mr. Lewis unless they request it. Mr. Lewis has a reputation of helping people work on embouchure issues. Professional players who need that sort of help typically don’t want word to get around that they are having problems. It’s bad for business.