Congratulatons *Judy Z.

Wind Ensemble

In her lesson today, Judy Z. informed us that she auditioned for next years’ band placement and was placed in the Wind Ensemble. She will be an eighth grader next year.

After her audition, the band director told her that her and only one other student were the only ones who could play all twelve of the major scales. Way to go, Judy!!!

Judy practices the Tonalization Studies that Mr. Lewis wrote to help the students learn their scales. Those exercises are much more comprehensive than the traditional band scales. One of the end results of practicing the Tonalization Studies is that, when you master them, band scales become very, very easy.

* We never posts full names of school aged students unless the parents specifically request that we do so. We do this out of respects for the students’ privacy.

Also, we do not post accomplishments of any professional players who take lessons from Mr. Lewis unless they request it. Mr. Lewis has a reputation of helping people work on embouchure issues. Professional players who need that sort of help typically don’t want word to get around that they are having problems. It’s bad for business.