Free Friday Download:
Easy Christian Suite for Trumpet Trio

Easy Christian Suite

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We are pleased to announce that this week’s Free Friday download is a suite of easy trumpet trios titled Easy Christian Suite.

When Eddie Lewis’ son, Alex, first began playing trumpet, he was being home schooled by Mr. Lewis. As a way to create a band-like experience for his son, Mr. Lewis put together a home school trumpet ensemble for Alex and some of his home school friends. They did work on some of the store bought music in Mr. Lewis’ library, he also saw it as a good opportunity to write for a beginner group. Easy Christian Suite has the five most popular of those pieces (popular with the students) as its five movements.

The movements in Easy Christian Suite are listed in order of difficulty. The first movement has a first trumpet part that stays mostly below tuning C. There are two D’s and one top space E. The last movement has sixteenth notes and the top part goes as high as the G at the top of the staff. (You can hear all five movements by listening to the youtube play list below.)