Free Friday Download:
Sleep Now – A Flugelhorn Lullaby

It’s Free Friday again and this time we are offering another brand new composition by Eddie Lewis. Sleep Now is a piece of music that Mr. Lewis sketched on a piece of paper in 2010 but only got around to writing it out this past week.

Click HERE to get the piece for free.

Remember, Free Friday only runs from Midnight Houston time on Thursday night, to Midnight Houston time on Friday night.

Organizing Ideas

Sleep Now is a wonderful example of why Mr. Lewis teaches his students to write down all of their composition ideas and store them someplace for later use. When he sat down to compose on Tuesday morning, Eddie didn’t feel like working on his current project. He didn’t have any other ideas, but he still wanted to write some music. Instead of giving up, he went to his stack of old ideas and chose one that sort of resonated with him at that time.

That’s the beauty of saving your ideas that way. There is no such thing as “writer’s block” for someone who stores the ideas they can’t use now so that they can be used in the future.