Free Friday Download:
ELM Trumpet Pro Articulation Studies

Trumpet Pro Articulation

This week we are offering one of our ELM exercise modules for Free Friday:

Click HERE to access your Free Friday download of Trumpet Pro Articulation studies!

Here’s how it works:

  1. From Midnight Thursday (5/19 Houston time) to Midnight Friday (5/20 Houston time), click on the link above.
  2. Add the item to your cart. If you added it on Friday – Houston time – then it will be listed for $0.00.
  3. Proceed to “Checkout” when you are ready.
  4. The store will automatically send you an email with the download link.
    1. If you do not receive that email, click here to read about how to collect your download.

About ELM Modules

It may seem as if Eddie has been writing less exercises lately. In truth, he has been writing more. But instead of publishing them as pages of books, he is now publishing them as mini eBooks that we call “Modules”. With modules, you no longer need to purchase an entire book to get the exercises you need.

This week’s Free Friday is one module from an articulation series. There are seven of these articulation modules, one for each level in Eddie Lewis’ physical rudiments books.