Stinger – Free Improvisation by Eddie Lewis

This is number four in my Free Improv Video Series – which doesn’t have a name yet…because…well…because I’m wingin’ it. 🙂

I’ve been doing free improvisation like this since the early 1980’s when I used to hike up into the Franklin Mountains with my trumpet, hang my feet over the side of a cliff, and play whatever melodies struck my fancy at the time. A close friend of our family, Karla Stacy, says that the trumpet music in the Franklin Mountains has become something of a legend.

I remember one time when I was up in the mountain playing my trumpet, I began to feel an itch and I looked at my arm. I was covered in ants. Fortunately, none of the ants stung me, but I had been stung by plenty of other things on my adventures in the out doors, so this video is a musical memory of those times.