Theme and Variations for Trumpet

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

Here is an arrangement I wrote of an old church hymn. The idea was to compose a theme and variations in the style from the late 19th century. I originally used it as a “special” at a Wednesday night church service at our church, CT Church in South East Houston. I wanted something that was thematically appropriate but a little more interesting than just playing the hymn by itself.

Not that there’s anything wrong with playing hymns without making them interesting. I’ve published two albums already with “unadorned” hymns. It’s just nice to having a variety of musical options.

Eddie Lewis posts these videos as listening assignments to his students. He often tells the students that “listening is more important than practicing”. To that end, he shares the videos so the students have something to inspire them to listen more often to professional trumpet players.

That said, if you are not one of Mr. Lewis’ students, we welcome you, too. The more the merrier! Welcome to Feel free to post your comments and questions below.