Congratulatons *Judy Z. – All-State Prep

All-State Prep for Trumpet

We want to congratulate Judy Z. for finishing every assignment in Eddie Lewis’ All-State Prep for Trumpet book. Not only did Judy complete every etude and Tonalization Study in the book, but she did it at a record age. Judy is only an 8th grader and the book was meant to prepare high school students for high school level All-State.

We are proud of Judy’s accomplishments so far. She works hard and almost always has her assignments completed by the following week. We are looking forward to seeing where she takes it from here.

* We never posts full names of school aged students unless the parents specifically request that we do so. We do this out of respects for the students’ privacy.

Also, we do not post accomplishments of any professional players who take lessons from Mr. Lewis unless they request it. Mr. Lewis has a reputation of helping people work on embouchure issues. Professional players who need that sort of help typically don’t want word to get around that they are having problems. It’s bad for their business. We would never intentionally do anything to make our students look bad in an effort to flaunt Mr. Lewis’ teaching studio (it is common among teacher to brag about what pros they are teaching).