2016-2017 Texas All-State Jazz Trumpet Etudes

Here are three videos of me performing this year’s Texas All-State Jazz etudes for trumpet. I composed two of the etudes this year.

Justin Stanton – That’s a Plenty

Don’t ever let someone tell you that something is less valuable because fewer people are playing. Trumpet trio can be a marvelous instrumentation to work with.

Jerry Lewis

I normally wouldn’t choose a video like this for your listening, but for people who are less familiar with big band swing music, Jerry Lewis brings the music alive in this clip.

Snooky Young – Lil Darlin’

When I was in high school, my band director, Al Mendez, taught us that the best way to learn how to swing was to spend time listening to bands like this playing slow swing tunes. Lil Darlin’ is one of the most famous slow swing tunes of all.

Bill Dixon – Durations of Performance

Now for something entirely different. Here is a very revealing video of avant garde trumpeter, Bill Dixon.

Ibrahim Maalouf on NPR

I often speak about musical honesty, both publicly and in your private lessons. This interview with Ibrahim Maalouf demonstrates precisely what I am talking about.

Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw

Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw were modern jazz’s standard bearers. In terms of harmonic control, no trumpet players have come close to breaking the kind of ground they did, decades ago.

Bria Skonberg – Tea for Two

We are posting this today because Bria Skonberg is performing at the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts tomorrow. If you are in that area, we encourage you to see her concert.

Pete Rodriguez – Confirmation

Here is an imaginative take on Charlie Parker’s hallmark standard, Confirmation. Pete Rodriguez does this with only a bass accompaniment and pulls it off nicely.

Eddie Lewis Cezanne Performance

As you probably already know, most of Eddie Lewis’ performances are private events and of the public stuff he does, very little of it is jazz. This is especially true for his original music. So this is your opportunity to catch him performing his own music with some very talented musicians.