Viper Mad – Tuba Skinny

Tuba Skinny is a traditional jazz band made up of young, gifted jazz musicians. Here is a video of them performing Viper Mad, a tune by Sidney Bechet.

Lee Morgan Live With Art Blakey: Moanin’

Lee Morgan is one of the major jazz icons. Here he is performing Moanin’ with the legendary Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

As my student, you need to be watching the full video. Don’t just quit after the trumpet solo. If you do that, then you don’t have a clue what jazz is all about.

Freddie Hubbard on the David Letterman Show

I remember when Sweet Return first came out. I loved it! There is a lick Freddie Hubbard plays on that album that completely changed my approach to improvisation. The balance on this video is not so hot. You can barely hear the trumpet at all. But it’s a great opportunity to see how he plays.

Fat City Horns – Come All Ye Faithful

The Fat City Horns are bringing horn bands back into the spotlight. These guys are tight and a big favorite of other musicians. Here they perform Come All Ye Faithful without the rhythm section and it sounds great.

Navy Jazz Band The Grinch

It is widely known that our military employs some of the best musicians in the country. Here is the United States Navy Band (jazz ensemble) performing Your A Mean One Mr. Grinch.

LCJO Full Length Christmas Concert

Here is a full length Christmas jazz concert for your listening pleasure. The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra has become a pillar of the national jazz community. Under the direction of trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, the band explores the artistic expressions of Jazz.

Doc Severinsen Sleigh Ride

Doc Severinsen is famous for being the leader of the Tonight Show band during the years while Johnny Carson was still the host. This arrangement of Sleigh Ride starts off traditional then breaks into an upbeat swing.

Oh Holy Night – Wayne Bergeron

If you ever watched the children’s movie, The Incredibles, then you’ve heard the impressive high note playing of Wayne Bergeron. Today, Bergeron is probably most well known for playing with Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, but he is also one of America’s top call musicians and has played with a long, very impressive list of artists and bands.

Wayne Bergeron at Brazosport College

As my student, you already know the importance of listening to successful trumpet players, and the most beneficial listening you can do is attending live performances. The Houston area is blessed to host some of the world’s greatest trumpet players for concerts and short learning opportunities. This is one of those opportunities.