Reinhold Friedrich – Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2

The Brandenburg Concerto has long been regarded as one of the most challenging concerti for trumpet. Here is an excellent video showing Reinhold Friedrich performing it masterfully.

Frank Anepool Demonstrates the Natural Trumpet

This is wonderful close up video of Frank Anepool demonstrating the type of natural trumpet that was used in Handel’s Messiah.

Gábor Tarkövi – Tartini Concerto for Trumpet

The Tartini trumpet concerto is one of the more “fun” baroque concerti in our repertoire. Here is Gábor Tarkövi performing it skillfully and musically. Tarkövi is principal trumpet of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Maurice André – Danza – Caracas

I chose this video because he is playing by himself. That gives us a great opportunity to study his sound without the interference of other instruments.

All-State Etude Listening

Here are videos of this year’s Texas All-State Band tryout music. Listen to these at least ten times before you begin working on the music.

Blast – Gee Officer Krupke

Blast! is an indoor marching band that does a lot more than just march. It’s a very entertaining group.

Willem Frederik Bon – Petite Trilogie – Peter Masseurs – trumpet

Recordings of classical, unaccompanied trumpet pieces tend to be hard to find. That said, they are a wonderful opportunity to hear the naked trumpet sound.

Stars and Stripes Forever

To celebrate independence day, here’s a famous Sousa march for you.

Maurice Andre – Badinerie

Here’s a recording of Maurice Andre performing J. S. Bach’s Badinerie with swing accompaniment. Notice that he plays his part in the classical style, but the accompaniment is swing jazz.