Ole Edvard Antonsen – Toccata by Martini

I love these videos of world class players, like Ole Edvard Antonsen, in a less formal setting. You get to see and hear the real thing. Bravo!

David Bilger – Tomasi Concerto

The Tomasi is one of the more difficult staples from the modern trumpeter’s repertoire. This is David Bilger performing it with excellent video footage.

Hans Gansch – Share My Yoke

Here is some absolutely gorgeous playing by Hans Gansch with the European Brass Ensemble. Not everything good has to be technical. It’s these heart tugging performances that make what we do worthwhile.

TMEA All-State Tryouts – Getting Started NOW

As my student, you know that NOW is the time to begin preparing your audition for next year’s TMEA All-State Auditions.

Grassauer Blechbläser Ensemble – Ankunft der Königin von Saba

I chose this video because one of my students has been working on this piece as a trumpet solo. I don’t know much about the Grassauer Blechbläser Ensemble, other than they are from Grassau, Germany (hence the name of the group).

Canadian Brass – Toccata and Fugue in D min

This is the original membership of the famed Canadian Brass performing one of the arrangements that made them famous. Toccata and Fugue in D min by Johan Sebastian Bach has since become a regular brass quintet standard.

Janacek Sinfonietta

Here is the WDR Sinfonieorchester conducted by Jukka-Pekka Saraste in a performance of Janacek’s Sinfionetta. This Janacek composition features a lot of brass work. We don’t normally share larger ensemble stuff here, but the video work is wonderful and it’s a great chance to see some European trumpeters in action.

Orkestar DANIJELA – Ivanovo kolo

Introducing Danijela Veselinovic, Serbia’s “Small Trumpet Princes”! We stumbled upon her music through a news article we found online and loved it from the first note!!! Our favorite quote from the article was “Everyone in Serbia knows there is no fun without trumpets”.

Easter Fanfare by Eddie Lewis

This is a fanfare Mr. Lewis composed to be performed on Easter Sunday. The piece begins with a call and response between the first trumpet and the rest of the ensemble. Then it progresses towards something more baroque sounding. We’re posting it today for obvious reasons!

Eddie Lewis Cezanne Performance

As you probably already know, most of Eddie Lewis’ performances are private events and of the public stuff he does, very little of it is jazz. This is especially true for his original music. So this is your opportunity to catch him performing his own music with some very talented musicians.