Scheduled Trumpet Listening Assignments

Besides just using this website as a portal for discovering accomplished trumpet players to listen to, Mr. Lewis also schedules specific listening assignments here as a way to introduce you to music or musicians you may never have heard before. The links below each take you to a page with a video that was scheduled for your trumpet lesson listening assignment.

We encourage you to listen to the week’s assignments before your lesson. If you have any questions or comments afterwards, in your trumpet lesson, then we encourage you to bring it up. Remember, listening is more important than practicing. So talking about what you have been listening to is a legitimate part of your trumpet lessons.

We are also including Eddie Lewis’ Spotlights and Student Spotlights on this page. These are recordings of Mr. Lewis and his students. The reason we share these with you is so you become more familiar with the end results associated with what you are learning in your lessons, which we feel is very important.

Judy Z. - Makes Junior High Region Symphonic

Judy Z. made Jr. High All-Region again this year. Congratulations Judy!!!

Tim Akers and the Smoking Section "Shake It Off"

I know almost nothing about this band, but this is a smokin' hot funk arrangement of Shake it Off.

Eddie Lewis - This is the Day

Here's a composition of mine that I wrote based on my own melody for "This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." The piece is rooted in salsa rhythms but is to be performed as a classical work.

Reinhold Friedrich - Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2

The Brandenburg Concerto has long been regarded as one of the most challenging concerti for trumpet. Here is an excellent video showing Reinhold Friedrich performing it masterfully.

National Color Day

Today is #NationalColorDay and it's right on time to share more information about the collaborative project my wife, Pearl, and I completed earlier this month.

Frank Anepool Demonstrates the Natural Trumpet

This is wonderful close up video of Frank Anepool demonstrating the type of natural trumpet that was used in Handel's Messiah.

Emilio and Ernie Caceres Trio

I have long been fascinated with non-standard jazz band instrumentations. Historically speaking, this trio is one of the earliest I've enjoyed with violin, clarinet and guitar.

Theme and Variations for Trumpet - Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

Here is an arrangement I wrote of an old church hymn. The idea was to compose a theme and variations in the style from the late 19th century.

Gábor Tarkövi - Tartini Concerto for Trumpet

The Tartini trumpet concerto is one of the more "fun" baroque concerti in our repertoire. Here is Gábor Tarkövi performing it skillfully and musically. Tarkövi is principal trumpet of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.