Recordings of Eddie Lewis

We invite you to enjoy a few samples from some recordings of Eddie Lewis. The following YouTube playlist contains a collection of videos that give an indication of how broad Eddie’s experience is as a professional trumpet player.

Eddie began his trumpet performance career in El Paso, lived for short stints in Chicago and Pittsburgh, then moved to Houston where he has lived since 1988. All of these recordings of Eddie Lewis are from his time in Houston.

Eddie Lewis’ Albums

Eddie Lewis has recorded a number of albums himself. What is amazing is that some of these albums are streaming around the world. Eddie is not a famous trumpet player, but people like his music and they listen to it around the world.

The following image shows a map of just three months of streams on Spotify. Eddie’s music has been streaming like this, consistently, since 2016. These are great stats for a trumpet player who isn’t famous.

Recordings of Eddie Lewis on Spotify Streaming

Eddie Lewis’ Album Recordings

First Trumpet Fruits Album

If you are interested in more of Eddie’s music, then we invite you to visit the CD page on this website. Before 2013, most of Eddie’s recordings were on other people’s projects. That’s how he learned the art of recording trumpet music. In 2013 Eddie published his first album under his own name. He continues to release new recordings on a semi-regular basis.