If you are an up and coming musician, just getting started in the business, Eddie Lewis offers music business coaching sessions to help you accomplish your music career objectives.

EddieLewisPix01Can You Quit Your Day Job?
Making a living as a professional musician is not easy, but it can be done. Eddie Lewis hasn’t had a day job since he quit delivering pizzas for Dominos in 1988. With more than a quarter of a century’s experience under his belt, he is happy to help other musicians “make it” and realize their dreams of being a professional musician.

Is that what YOU WANT?

Reality Check
The first thing Mr. Lewis will do with you is help you decide if a music career is what you really want. Not everyone is cut out to be a full time professional musician. The glamorous allure of life as a professional musician can sometimes blind us to certain hard, cold facts.

Eddie will help you take inventory of your talent, skills and other resources. Then he will spell out a plan of action based on that information. If that plan appeals to you and you decide to keep him as a career coach, he will meet with you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to help you along the way.