Welcome to EddieLewis.com and the Trumpet Folk Fill In The Blank book. If you are reading this, you probably purchased the book and you are looking for the recordings of the songs. You’ve come to the right place. Look below for the song you want to listen to and click the video.

Page 3: Lightly Row

Page 5: Hambone

Page 7: Bile em Cabbage Down

Page 11: Polly Wolly Doodle

Page 15: New River Train

Page 19: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Page 23: Oh! Susanna

Page 27: Sea Chantey

Page 31: Ole Mac Donald

Page 35: Down in the Valley

Page 39: Goober Peas

Page 41: Alma Mater

Page 45: Amazing Grace

Page 49: Three Blind Mice

Page 53: Home on the Range

Page 57: Johnny Comes Marching Home

Page 61: My Bonnie

Page 65: Blue Bells of Scotland

Page 69: Blue Tail Fly

Page 73: Crawdad Song

Page 77: Long Long Ago

Page 81: Billy Boy

Page 85: Cluck Old Hen

Page 89: Yankee Doodle

Page 93: Loch Lomond

Page 97: Augustine

Page 101: Swanee River

Page 105: Buffalo Gals

Page 107: Arkansas Traveler

Page 109: John Henry