Trumpet Lessons for Adults in Houston, Texas

For the past ten years, at least one third of Eddie Lewis’ trumpet lessons have been with adult beginners. This is a demographic typically shunned by the music lesson community, but Eddie and his adult students get along very well. In fact, Mr. Lewis’ adult students have been some of his most enthusiastic.

Adult Beginner Trumpet Lessons

For years, Mr. Lewis has been telling people that his adult students are his favorite to teach. This is mostly because the adults give him feedback that the younger students cannot. Most young beginners start learning how to play the trumpet at the age of ten, or younger. Their vocabularies are typically not mature enough to give that kind of feedback.

But the adult students can relate their joys and frustrations quite well. This has gone a long way towards helping Mr. Lewis shape his methods. His interaction with the adult students has given him a better idea of what works and what needs more attention in his methods.

Special Lesson Concerns

There are special concerns facing the adult student that Mr. Lewis not only knows about, but deals with them thoroughly. The biggest of these is the mental battle the adults face, which is often more intense than it is with the younger students.

Adults typically already know what they want to sound like. Most of them get the idea to take trumpet lessons because they heard something they really like and they want to be able to do that themselves. And from a teachers’ standpoint, that’s wonderful. We like working with students who know what the trumpet should sound like.

However, for the students themselves, it can be extremely frustrating. Sounding like Chet Baker or Chuck Mangione (or whoever your favorite trumpet player might be) doesn’t happen over night. It takes time.

Mr. Lewis helps the adults deal with that frustration and anxiety. He presents the assignments in a way that give the students milestone victories that progress gradually to the final objective.

Eddie Lewis Trumpet

Another obvious concern for the adults is time management. Fortunately, Eddie Lewis teaches a philosophy that he calls, The Art of Accumulative practice. This philosophy is ideal for adult trumpet students who have regular jobs and/or families. He will teach you how to make the best use of the time you have, working around your other commitments.

Eddie Lewis in Live Performance

Benefits of Adult Trumpet Lessons

There are benefits for adults to taking trumpet lessons that reach far beyond making music. Interestingly, we do not talk about those things in the lessons. Eddie Lewis believes that the greatest of those benefits happen when we focus on the music, not on other life issues. The extra benefits are actually compromised when we spend time talking about non-musical stuff in the lessons.

That said, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits that adults can enjoy when they take trumpet lessons:

  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Bolstering Creative Thought
  • Getting More Organized
  • A Variety of Health Benefits

While we never attempt to address these issues outside of a musical context in the lessons, the way we approach them in a musical context is universal. You can apply the principles you learn in your lessons to just about everything you do in life.

Why Eddie Lewis Should be Your Trumpet Lesson Teacher…

The biggest reason why adult trumpet students should consider taking lessons with Eddie Lewis is because he only teaches a limited number of students. Mr. Lewis limits the number of students he will teach per week so that he will have time to think about each student’s needs between lessons.

When you take adult trumpet lessons with Eddie Lewis, you are getting far more than one hour of his attention each week. When you sign up for lessons with Mr. Lewis, you are signing up for lessons with someone who will go the extra mile to help you reach your musical goals.

For example, when a student’s needs fall outside of what the standard materials can address, he writes new materials, tailor made for the individual. He has been doing this for the entire duration of his teaching career. As a result, Eddie has authored over twenty trumpet methods, all of them based on the materials he created for students just like you. And this is a process that continues to this day. Only now he is publishing practice modules instead of full length method books.

Mr. Lewis also makes professional recordings of the students’ performance materials, making it much easier for them to learn the music. This takes time out of his work week, but we consider it to be covered by your lesson fees.

The bottom line is, when you sign up for lessons with Mr. Lewis, he is going to give you more than just an hour of his time each week. You are getting everything he has created in the past and you will be a contributor to the materials he will generate in the future.

Let’s Get Started

Click HERE to contact us for questions about availability and prices for lesson. On weekdays we will respond to your message within 24 hours. On weekends we ask that you please give us until Monday to respond. As a professional musician, the weekends are typically Mr. Lewis’ busiest time of the week.

We do offer a free consultation if you are still undecided. Please let us know that you are interested in the consultation when you contact us.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.