Band Recording LIfts

A lot of bands don’t want creative and interesting arrangements because it’s not appropriate for their gigs. If you are doing weddings or corporate gigs, you should probably be playing the songs in a way that the audience immediately recognizes. Writing the music for those types of gigs is called transcribing – or as we say on the streets, “doing a lift.”

Writing lifts or transcriptions is an entirely different art from writing arrangements. The arranger must listen to the recording and write parts for the band that will sound as close to the original recording as possible.

Living Rhythms at Cezanne

Decades of Experience

Eddie Lewis has been writing lifts since the mid 1980’s. He has transcribed music for funk bands, top forty bands, country and western, church praise and worship groups, salsa bands and even some classical stuff.

If you are looking for someone to transcribe songs for your band or orchestra, Eddie Lewis is probably the arranger you are looking for. Click HERE to use our contact form to inquire about rates and availability.