Trumpet Group Lessons

For some people, the price of trumpet lessons is simply beyond what they can afford. However, it’s not uncommon for the trumpet students to save a little money by pitching in together. This option is popular with home-school students, but it really can work for anyone.

Home School Trumpet Ensemble

Parent Child Trumpet Lessons

One way to save money is for the parents to learn to play the trumpet with their children. This can be a fun family experience that will be cherished for years. In the group lessons, Mr. Lewis uses ensemble music as weekly assignments. While the family learns how to play the trumpet together, they are developing a performance repertoire at the same time.

Eddie’s past group lesson students now have heart warming stories of the family performing their trumpets for their elderly relatives just before they passed away. This is what music is all about. It’s not the spotlit stages and thunderous applause that matters. It’s those precious hearts we touch when it matters most.

Sibling Discounts

If your children are all at roughly the same skill level on the trumpet, we can teach them together in the same lesson for the group lesson rate. Our group rates are higher than our single student rates, but not as high as single student lesson for each student.

But be warned: this approach does not work as well if the students are more than a year apart from each other.

Home School Trumpet Groups

Eddie Lewis home schooled his son through to eighth grade. His first time teaching a home school trumpet ensemble was when he put a group together for his son, Alex.

For home school students, the trumpet ensemble is a wonderful alternative (or supplement) for signing up for a band program. We also have a special home school discount for students who schedule their lessons during weekday work hours – between 10am and 2pm.