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About the Christmas Carols

Unadorned Trumpet Carols is Eddie Lewis’ sequel to his previous album, Unadorned Trumpet Hymns. Just as with the hymns, in Unadorned Trumpet Carols, Eddie presents the music in its simplest, unembellished form. The Christmas carols on this album are perfect to submerge yourself into the Christmas spirit in a way that is relaxing. Do you want to do some stress busting this Christmas? Then these carols are perfect for you.

Companion Coloring Book

For this project, Eddie worked with his wife, Pearl, to create a multimedia experience for you by authoring together a coloring book designed to be colored while you listen to the Unadorned Trumpet Carols album. The coloring book is called Color the Trumpet Carols. It features scenes from the Christmas story, scripture references, quotes from related carols, and a list of Christmas carols that match themes with the illustrations. You can purchase the color book separately, or you can buy the book and CD as a set.

Unadorned Trumpet Carols

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that Christmas has become so drastically over commercialized. The season is supposed to be the time when we reflect on the gift of Jesus, and in doing so, extend that gift, symbolically, to the people God places in our lives. Instead, Christmas has become all about finding great bargains. It’s all about the hassle, the bustle and the money. The powers that be encourage us to spend, spend, spend.

As a result, Christmas has become a season of stress, not of peace. And it has become a time for sadness for those who have nothing or no one. But all of this is because we tend to loose our focus on Christ Jesus. We are distracted by the mad rush to buy stuff.

Unadorned Trumpet Carols is a sequel to Eddie’s Unadorned Trumpet Hymns. Because he recorded the melodies without any embellishment of any kind, the Christmas carols take on a very peaceful feel.

All of the devices composers and arrangers use to make melodies more interesting are the same devises that add certain degrees of anxiety to the music. Sometimes we want that. Listening to artfully written music can lift us up and motivate us to do good things.

But sometimes we just want to relax and rest. Music can help us do that too. Unadorned Trumpet Carols is ideal for relaxing, especially if you also spend that time coloring in the album’s companion coloring book, Coloring the Trumpet Carols.