Vintage Trumpet Treasures

On the surface, Vintage Trumpet Treasures is a collection of turn of the century (100 years ago) duets for trumpet and horn. But it is really much more than that. Or more accurately, I should say, it is really much less than that.

Even though Vintage Trumpet Treasures falls under the “classical” genre, I never approached it with a classical mind set. Yes, I am “classically trained.” I have studied classical music my entire life. I am quite capable of putting out a genuine classical CD (and will be doing just that in 2015), but this is not that. I went into the Vintage Trumpet Treasures project with one objective only. I wanted to create a recording that anyone could listen to and enjoy. I wanted it to be beautiful. I wanted the melodies to sing. I wanted it to sooth the savage beast that resides in all of us from time to time.

What I did NOT want was for it to be analyzed, dissected and studied as if it was some grand academic work. The music is simple. There’s nothing to see here with your intellectual mind. I encourage you to just plop the CD into the player and go about your day. Enjoy the way the music makes you feel. Let it lift you up and energize you.

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