Trumpet Help Videos

When it is appropriate, Mr. Lewis will sometimes refer you to one of these videos to enhance your private lesson experience. Most of it is material he will cover in your lessons, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to go back to a subject whenever you need to.

It’s also nice to hear him say the same thing as what he said in your lesson, but in a slightly different way.

Physical Rudiments:

This section of videos deals mainly with practicing trumpet exercises that help your physical playing. If you are having embouchure problems, these videos give you pointers about how to deal with that problem. If you are not having embouchure problems, these videos have valuable information about how to improve the way you practice for maximum results.

Trumpet Technique:

Practicing Trumpet Literature:

Practicing trumpet exercises is not enough. If you never learn how to practice songs on trumpet, you will never have access to your best potential as a trumpet player. These videos help you learn how to practice better, which in turn helps you in your performances.