You Play First Chair

A Free Trumpet Play-Along Video Series

The following is a  YouTube playlist of free trumpet play-along videos. These are trumpet backing tracks in the style of Music Minus One. Each video shows the first trumpet part scrolling up the screen, giving you the opportunity to read the sheet music as the accompaniment plays. The videos are in order of difficulty, beginning with the easiest trumpet play-along (beginner level) and ending with the most difficult play-along (almost insane difficulty). This is all free to use because I want you to have a chance to read my music.

Because these trumpet play-along videos are free, they have been enjoyed by trumpet players around the world. I have received messages from trumpet players in five different continents who have said that they enjoy playing through these free trumpet play-along videos.

Individual Trumpet Play-Along Videos

If you would rather go straight to the more difficult trumpet play-along videos in this You Play First Chair series, simply click the links below. The play-alongs are listed according to Eddie Lewis’ seven levels of difficulty:

How to Use Free Trumpet Play-Along Videos

  1. There are several ways you can use these free trumpet play-along videos. One very nice way to use them is for practicing your sight reading. Start at the beginning of the YouTube playlist and keep playing until the music becomes too difficult to sight read anymore.
  2. Another wonderful way to use these free trumpet play-along videos is to push your endurance. Just like with the sight reading, you can start at the beginning and keep playing until your chops get too tired to continue. The play-along videos have ads running, and the ads are perfect for getting at least a little bit of rest between songs.
  3. You can also use these free trumpet play-along videos to take my sheet music for a test drive. If you are interested in my compositions or arrangements, but not sure yet if you want to purchase them, here’s your chance to try them out before you purchase them.
  4. Try something difficult! There are free trumpet play-along videos here for all skill levels. There are most likely at least a few that will challenge your skills as a trumpet player.