Eddie Lewis is an active YouTube Creator. He has posted hundreds of videos ranging from trumpet help topics to free improvisation performances. His YouTube channel began as a way for him to share listening assignments with his students and to demo his compositions and arrangements. Today, hundreds of videos later, YouTube has become a major part of Eddie’s online trumpet presence.

This page is meant to help you navigate Eddie’s YouTube videos more conveniently and more efficiently. Instead of relying only on YouTube’s playlist system, you can come here to brows all of Eddies videos by category.

We hope this will be a blessing to you, whether you are looking for trumpet advice or just want to hear some trumpet music.

Live Stream Q & A

We set Eddie’s live stream Q & A videos to “unlisted” a few weeks after they run, making them available ONLY at the blog. You can watch the old Q & A’s there by clicking the header above.

If you are interested in joining the conversation with your own questions, then we invite you to subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking HERE. That way you will be notified when we have a live stream Q and A again.

Trumpet Tutorials

Eddie has a number of very popular trumpet lesson videos where he explains his perspective on some of the issues that trumpet players face on a daily basis. The link in the header above takes you to a page on this website where the trumpet tutorial videos are organized to make them easier to browse. They are organized in categories and listed in a logically flowing order.

Play-Along Videos

We have posted many play-along videos for every skill level, from absolute beginner to virtuoso. These are great for practicing your sight reading or just having fun playing the trumpet. We call the series “You Play First Chair”.

Score Videos

Eddie Lewis has written hundreds of original compositions and at least a couple thousand arrangements in his career as a composer/arranger. In this video series, we give you an opportunity to “peek” at the scores of the music to see how he does it.

Behind the Wheel

The Behind the Wheel series is videos that Eddie does in his down time before the gigs start. He spends most of this time exploring the more philosophical aspects of our art.

Trumpet Improvisations

This is a series of free improvisation videos that Eddie Lewis has been recording for years. Eddie has done over a hundred of these videos and you can access them all here, browsing according to the date and title.

Jazz Tutorials COMING SOON

Eddie Lewis is a professional jazz musician with decades of experience. He has also been teaching jazz improvisation since the 1980’s. We have a number of jazz tutorial videos. What makes them unique is


Eddie has authored dozens of books on trumpet related subjects. Part of what he uses YouTube for is telling people about those books.

Trumpet Hymns COMING SOON

Eddie has published two different series of trumpet hymns. The first is his Unadorned Trumpet Hymns series where he plays only the hymn as it is. No embellishments (thus the title “unadorned”). The other series is the Trumpet Hymn Duets series which is more creative.

All-State Tutorials COMING SOON

Eddie has been publishing videos to help students work on their All-State music for many years now. He publishes recordings of the music and some helpful comments.