Eddie Lewis and his wife maintain a number of websites. The following is a list of sites related to his musical life.

Tiger Music

We maintain an online music store where you can purchase most of Eddie’s trumpet books, many of his compositions, his CDs and a growing inventory of practice aids. We invite you to visit the store and browse around.

E. Lewis Ave

Eddie Lewis has been blogging at E. Lewis Ave since 2011. The topics he blogs about range from practicing tips to bird watching. The blog represents a blend of everything that makes him who he is.

Jazz Forever

Jazz Forever is a local, ten piece jazz band for which Eddie Lewis is the staff arranger and music director. He is also partly responsible for updating the band’s website, so it makes sense to include that site here.

An Expression of Grace

An Expression of Grace is a story about how Eddie conquered stage fright. For the first half of his forty year career, he was haunted by performance anxiety that would come on him like a thief in the night. This is a story about his struggles and about how God’s grace eventually became the final answer to his performance problems.


Eddie has a Facebook page where he often shares gig stories, music news and his personal experiences.