Congratulations Judy Z. – All-State Prep Completion

We want to congratulate Judy Z. for finishing every assignment in Eddie Lewis’ All-State Prep for Trumpet book. Not only did Judy complete every etude and Tonalization Study in the book, but she did it at a record age.

Matthias Höfs – C.P.E.Bach: Sonata B flat major

Here is some excellent trumpet playing from Matthias Höfs, one of Germany’s top trumpet soloists and a member of the famous German Brass.

Houston Young Artist Concert Auditions

Some of my students have expressed an interest in doing some competitions. The Houston Young Artists Concert is a very ambitious local competition, especially for trumpet players.

Stirling High School Brass – Pura Alegria World Premiere

I want to congratulate the Stirling High School Brass Ensemble (in East London, South Africa) for their world premiere performance of my composition, Pura Alegria for brass sextet and piano. They performed it as part of a fund raising gala on Friday night.

Elijah Micheaux HSPVA Senior Recital

Elijah Micheaux is presenting his senior recital at HSPVA today (5/3/16) at 5:30 PM. He will be graduating this semester and moving on to college later in the year. This brings an end to his time as my student and I want to take a moment to write about Elijah and what he has accomplished in the past seven plus years as my student.

Congratulations Judy Z. – Wind Ensemble

In her lesson today, Judy Z. informed us that she auditioned for next years’ band placement and was placed in the Wind Ensemble.

Congratulations Aaron Cossie

We want to congratulate Aaron Cosse for his full ride scholarship to Texas A & M Prairie View. Aaron will be majoring in music.

Timbalero – Gran Combo – Edgardo Morales

Houston is blessed with some of the world’s best salsa musicians, and specifically blessed to have Edgardo Morales on timbales. Gran Combo is one of the most popular salsa bands of all time and Edgardo used to be their timbalero.

Congrats Judy Z.

We want to congratulate Judy Z. for earning a first division on her performance of La Casa by Gerald Knipfel and Beldon Leonard. This was Judy’s first solo competition as Mr. Lewis’ student and she did a wonderful job.

Mr. Lewis teaches a system for solo preparation that has seven steps. In this short time she has been with us, Judy has already learned three of those steps and it’s already paying off for her.

Congratulations Judy. Keep up the good work!