Eddie Lewis’ Biographical Information

If you are looking for an answer to the question, “Who is Eddie Lewis?” then this is where you will find your answers. In short, Eddie Lewis is a trumpet player in Houston. He performs as a professional freelance trumpet player,  teaches private trumpet lessons, composes trumpet music and authors trumpet method books for his full time living.

The following links will take you to pages with more details about Eddie’s skills and experiences in each of these different areas.

Eddie is based in Houston, Texas, but he does work remotely. Whether it is trumpet lessons, composition or recording work, he will work with you over skype or email to help get you what you need.

On this website you can:

  • Biography

    Read Eddie Lewis’ biography as a trumpet performer, teacher and arranger/composer. It is not the purpose of this biography to “impress” you, the reader. It is only meant to introduce you to Eddie Lewis and learn what kind of person and what kind of musician he is.

  • Kudos

    Read the wonderful things people have said about Eddie’s books, teaching and musicianship. These testimonials are not dated, but they are listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent and ending with the oldest.

  • Sound Clips

    Eddie Lewis has been recording professionally since 1984. After decades of making recordings on other musicians’ albums, Eddie began recording his own trumpet albums in 2013. This page helps point you in the right direction to hear some of these recordings.

  • Videos

    Eddie Lewis is an established YouTube Creator with hundreds of videos on his channel. The videos Eddie posts are divided into a variety of categories. Some of them are educational. Other’s are demonstration videos for his books and compositions. Then there are also a number of performance videos, some of which he recorded in his home studio. Others are recorded live.

  • Resume

    Eddie’s biography is prose written to introduce you to who he is as a trumpet player and as a person. This resume is a detailed list of many of Eddie’s professional activities and experiences. If you would like to know which famous people he has performed with, this is the page where you will find that type of information.

  • Photographs

    We don’t have a lot of professional photos of Eddie, but what we do have are pretty good. Click through to see photos by Pin Lim (Forest Photography in Houston) and Mzi Van Der Mtola (East London, South Africa).

  • Websites

    Eddie and his wife, Pearl, have a number of different websites and we are adding more as we go. You are currently on Eddie’s main site. EddieLewis.com has been Eddie’s virtual “home base” for over twenty years. In that time we have added a separate blog, a digital music store and a variety of different sites for various purposes.

Eddie Lewis trumpet player in Houston

Eddie Lewis on trumpet, photo by Pin Lim, Forest Photography.