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Are you looking for trumpet lessons in Houston?

Why not take lessons from an expert?

With over forty years of experience teaching trumpet lessons, Eddie Lewis knows what it takes to help you get where you want to go. He has helped hundreds of trumpet players to realize their musical dreams.

Eddie will be your trumpet coach. He will work WITH you to set goals, develop a strategy, execute that strategy and then solve any problems that you encounter along the way. You do not have to do this alone!

Serious Trumpet Problems?

Are you having serious trumpet problems already?

No problem! Most of Eddie’s students begin taking lessons with him because of his reputation for helping people work through major challenges in their trumpet playing. Your trumpet lessons with Eddie will help you look at your current problems from a fresh perspective, and help you find practical solutions for those problems.

There are very few trumpet problems that Eddie Lewis has not encountered as a trumpet teacher already. In your lessons, Eddie will treat you as an individual, but the experience he pulls from represents a comprehensive list of trumpet ills. He has helped hundreds of students with issues ranging from range and endurance issues to stage fright, from tone production issues to double and triple tonguing. Eddie is a natural problem solver and will work with you until you get the results you want.

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Beginners and Young Students

If you are the parent of a young trumpet student, looking for an experienced trumpet teacher in Houston, then you might like to know that Eddie has a proven approach for developing trumpet players.

Eddie can take your child “from zero to hero” through his well researched and comprehensive beginner trumpet method. Parts of his beginner method are available at book stores around the world. Other teachers have been utilizing his beginner method in their own lessons for many years now.

Your child has an opportunity to take advantage of the complete, comprehensive method and learn from the author first hand. Maybe your child will even teach Eddie’s trumpet method as an adult some day.

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Qualifications Short List

Here is a brief list of qualifications that make Mr. Lewis the perfect teacher for almost every student. For a more complete list of his qualifications, feel free to read his full length resume by clicking here.

Author of 30+ Books

Eddie Lewis’ trumpet methods are used by trumpet players (and teachers) around the world. His Daily Routines book alone has sold thousands of copies and people are using and teaching his method on five different continents. Eddie’s trumpet method books are successful because he wrote them for his students. The materials in his books were written to address specific issues that his students were struggling with.

Student Accomplishments

Mr. Lewis’ students learn how to set goals, create strategies, and then execute those strategies. They do this so well that the students with genuine desire to win competitions generally do so. His students have contribute to a growing list of competitive accomplishments ranging from making the Texas All-State Band to winning spots in national touring bands. Would you like to add your own accomplishments to the list?

Almost 40 Years Experience

Mr. Lewis has been teaching trumpet lessons since he was a sophomore in high school (1980). Since then, he has taught literally hundreds of trumpet students of all ages and skill levels. He has taught hundreds of beginners and dozens of pros.

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Trumpet Lesson Prices

The prices for the lessons start at $33 per lesson. For a complete summary of our prices and a video explanation, please click HERE to go to our lesson fee page.

Studio Address for Trumpet Lessons in Houston

Address: 11331 Sageburrow Dr., Houston, TX  77089
Phone: 713-594-4584
email: [please use contact form]