Assignment Recordings

Trumpet Bell and Mircophone

One of the services Mr. Lewis offers his students is making professional quality recordings of the music they need to learn. He teaches that the students must listen to the recordings twenty times before they can practice the music. The first ten times should be without looking at the music. The second ten times the students should be following the music while they listen.

Please Note: It is not always appropriate to use recordings this way. We use them ONLY for performance pieces. We use the recordings much more rarely in the students’ weekly assignments.

Now Mr. Lewis is making this service available to non-students and a modest cost.

Studio Quality Example Recordings

Are you performing a piece of music that you don’t know how it sounds?

Are you having trouble finding that music on Youtube or iTunes?

Send Eddie Lewis a PDF of the music you need to learn and make a modest payment. He will record your music for you and send it back as an MP3.

Click HERE to contact us for more details.

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