Eddie Lewis School Outreach Options

Eddie Lewis’ passion for music education is evidenced in the array of outreach options he makes available to the schools. The following services are a summary of the work he has done in this capacity. It is by no means a exhaustive list and we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can work with your students in a way that is more specific to your needs.

All of these services are relevant to ensembles across the style spectrum. As you read what we have to offer, please keep Mr. Lewis’ stylistic versatility in mind. If your ensemble plays jazz, salsa, tejano, klezmer, polkas or any musical style applicable to trumpet, Mr. Lewis has something to offer your students.

School Guest Performance

As part of his career as a freelance trumpet player, Eddie Lewis is often called upon to perform as a guest soloist with school bands, jazz ensembles, orchestras and choirs. His stylistic versatility gives him the skills to perform everything from Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto (as he did with the Houston Community College Orchestra in 1994) to very modern works by Allen Vizzutti (as he did with The Woodlands Concert Band). As a jazz performer, Eddie Lewis has a library of original works that he uses to educate the students he performs with, while simultaneously providing an entertaining experience for the audience.

Gonubie Primary

Eddie Lewis performing with the students of the Gonubie Primary School in East London, South Africa.


Eddie Lewis has been conducting sectionals since before he graduated from high school. Once again, his experience as a freelance musician gives him a high level of insight into what makes a trumpet section sound “tight”. In sectionals with your trumpet or brass students, he will focus on topics related to ensemble playing. Eddie Lewis will also assist the students to tune, balance, match note lengths, and match style.

Master Class

A master class is an open lesson where student and teacher interact in front of observers. Eddie Lewis will work with one or more of your students while the rest of the group watches and asks questions. Master Classes are an excellent vehicle for sharing musical pedagogy. Mr. Lewis will address topics that not only deal with learning how to be a better musician, but also how to be a better music teacher.


A workshop is a hands-on experience for a full class of students. Of all our outreach offerings, the workshops require the most preparation time and resources. We incorporate printed handouts, listening examples and fun, educational competitions to create a learning environment that submerges the students’ senses in the material. Currently available workshops include: Beginners’ Jazz Improvisation and Dealing With Performance Anxiety.

Clinic Presentation

A clinic presentation is a formal lecture on musical topics. If you are looking for someone to present at a school of younger children, please don’t let the word “lecture” scare you off. Mr. Lewis has many years of experience presenting musical topics to students as young as first grade. On the other end of the spectrum, Mr. Lewis commonly speaks at colleges and universities in this capacity. His versatility and sensitivity to the needs of the students make him an ideal presenter for musicians of all ages.

Eddie Lewis teaching about jazz improvisation.

Eddie Lewis teaching about jazz improvisation.

Private Lessons

Eddie Lewis has been giving private trumpet lessons since 1980, has been teaching jazz improvisation privately since 1990, and has taught private lessons in musical composition since 1994. It is not uncommon for Mr. Lewis to teach single lessons as part of a larger event. For example, when he travels to distant cities to perform (Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc.), he often makes private lessons available to those who cannot travel to Houston for those lessons.