Private Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

We offer this list of frequently asked questions to our students and potential students to help you with your lessons.

If you have questions that are not included in this FAQ, please feel free to ask them as a comment below, or contact us on our contact page.

What is the youngest age student you take?

Mr. Lewis takes students at of all ages. His youngest students have been between eight and ten years old. His oldest students were in their seventies.

What if I didn’t practice this week?

Eddie Lewis teaches what he calls The Art of Accumulative Practice. The time management skills it takes for a professional trumpet player to become world class are the same skills everyone else can use to gain the greatest benefit from the least amount of practice.

When you don’t practice, Mr. Lewis makes it a point to teach you those skills in your lesson. It is a perfect opportunity to share that knowledge and experience.

Where do the lessons take place?

We have a lesson studio in our home in the Sagemont area. That’s in south east Houston near beltway 8.

Do you offer in home lessons?

No, we do not. For those who cannot make it to the home studio, we strongly recommend lessons on Skype.

We can’t do weekly lessons. Is that a problem?

We have taken great strides to accommodate students who cannot make a weekly commitment.

That said, if you look at the pricing packages, then you will see that the students who can make weekly lessons pay less.

Also, please remember that we cannot promise a regular spot in the schedule to students who do not commit to weekly lessons. It is logistically impossible…which is one of the reasons why the irregular lessons are more expensive.

What styles do you teach?

Mr. Lewis is a freelance, studio trumpeter. He has experience performing and teaching in every style applicable to the trumpet.

The only students he will not teach are students who desire to become professional orchestra players. It’s not that Mr. Lewis can’t teach orchestra music. He is orchestrally trained and has played two seasons in a professional symphony orchestra. However, he readily acknowledges that there are other trumpet players in Houston who are far more qualified to teach the orchestral stuff than he is. If you are going to make a career out of it, you would be better off studying with one of them.

Do you teach jazz improvisation?

Yes! Eddie Lewis has been teaching jazz improv lessons since the late 80’s and was even the advanced jazz improvisation teacher at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts from 1990 to 1997.

Mr. Lewis’ approach to jazz improvisation is different, but has been proven effective through the success of his students.

Will Mr. Lewis come to my concerts?

It is rare for Mr. Lewis to attend his students’ performances, but he tries to do so whenever it is possible. You must remember that his schedule is inverted from most people’s schedules. When you are performing, he is usually working – either performing himself or teaching.