Weekly Lessons

Payable at the first lesson of each month.

Full Hour Lessons = $55

Half Hour Lessons = $33

Ad Hoc Lessons

Payable at the beginning of each lesson.

Full Hour Lessons = $70

Half Hour Lessons = $48

Private Lesson Fees

We offer two different types of lessons. You can take advantage of our beneficial weekly lesson program. Or you can enjoy the flexibility of our ad hoc lessons.

Weekly lessons give you a reserved time in our weekly schedule and that time is yours for as long as you stay current with your payments. Ad hoc lessons are more accommodating if you have a less predictable schedule.

You can make a lesson payment right here, using the Paypal button to the left. Please consult your invoice for the correct amount. If you do not have an invoice, you can contact us for the correct amount at our Contact Page. Thank you for your payment!