Please Note:

Our Free Fridays will return this summer (2017) during the third week of May.

Free Friday Downloads

For now, we have decided to make our Free Friday download a weekly thing. We will try to continue the offer until it seems like people are no longer interested.

Here’s how it works, every Friday, from midnight Thursday night until midnight Friday night (Houston time), one item in our store will have its price set to $0.00. During that time, you can add it to your cart and “buy” the item for free.

The items will always be digital download items. Sometimes they will be sheet music. Other times they will be exercises from our ELM section.

We will try to always list the new item below, but I am a full time professional musician and may not always have the time to write a blog post about it. If you do not see this week’s item listed below, then we encourage you to explore the website.

12/8/16 Update: As stated above, we were trying the Free Friday thing to see if people were interested. There has been SOME interest, but not much. And the problem is that it takes a lot of time and effort to put these offers together. We will maybe start back up in January of 2017, but can’t make any promises.

If you have an interest in our Free Friday offers, please let us know. If we know that enough people are interested, then we will be more motivated to invest the time and effort into it.

Free Friday – Four Parables for Six Trumpets

Four Parables started off as a composition for solo, unaccompanied trumpet. I later expanded it to six trumpets after talking to Marie Speziale about the difficulty level of the solo work.

Four Parables for Six Trumpets

I don’t often recognize any of my compositions as my favorites, but Four Parables definitely fits the bill. It is unique without being odd. It tells a story without being programmatic. Each movement is an abstract reflection of one of Jesus’ parables.

Trumpets of Jubilee – Free Friday Download

Trumpets of Jubilee is an original trumpet ensemble piece for twelve trumpets.

Morning Prayer Variations – Free Friday Download

This week’s Free Friday download is an original brass quintet piece based on a short solo composition by Tchaikovsky.

Bird March – Free Friday Download

This week’s Free Friday download is an easy piece for trumpet and piano. The piece is meant to be practiced and performed by absolute beginners.

Legends of Zing – Free Friday Download

This week’s Free Friday download is an original brass quintet piece written in the style of an American march.

When David Heard – Free Friday Download

When David Heard is the fourth and last brass work in the Renaissance transcription series.