The Practicing Improvisor by Carol Morgan

Here’s a book review of Carol Morgan’s The Practicing Improvisor.

Elijah Micheaux – Free Improvisation Duo

This video is Elijah’s first attempt at “playing free” with another musician – and I was more than happy to play the role of “other musician”. Let’s hope that this is the first of many for him.

Eddie Lewis: The Dry Idea Idea

Here is video number three from the Free Improv Series. In this video, I’m improvising around a motif formed by the words, “I’ve got no ideas”.

Free Improv – Stinger

This is number four in my Free Improv Video Series – which doesn’t have a name yet…because…well…because I’m wingin’ it. 🙂

Free Improvisation – No Air Conditioning Blues

This is Eddie Lewis’ second solo improvisation release. This one features his work on the plunger mute. It’s called the No Air Conditioning Blues because the studio went a few weeks without AC. Fortunately, it’s fixed now.