Congratulations Judy Z. – All-State Prep Completion

We want to congratulate Judy Z. for finishing every assignment in Eddie Lewis’ All-State Prep for Trumpet book. Not only did Judy complete every etude and Tonalization Study in the book, but she did it at a record age.

Congratulations Judy Z. – Wind Ensemble

In her lesson today, Judy Z. informed us that she auditioned for next years’ band placement and was placed in the Wind Ensemble.

Congrats Judy Z.

We want to congratulate Judy Z. for earning a first division on her performance of La Casa by Gerald Knipfel and Beldon Leonard. This was Judy’s first solo competition as Mr. Lewis’ student and she did a wonderful job.

Mr. Lewis teaches a system for solo preparation that has seven steps. In this short time she has been with us, Judy has already learned three of those steps and it’s already paying off for her.

Congratulations Judy. Keep up the good work!

Judy Z. Makes Junior High All-Region

We just received an email from one of our newest students, Judy Z. She is a seventh grader who just made the junior high All-Region band.