Commercially Available Compositions

Eddie Lewis has written hundreds of original compositions, mostly for brass ensembles and jazz groups. Some of those compositions are available for purchase. We are listing them here according to instrumentation. Click on the instrumentation you would like to explore and it will take you to another page to listen to and read more about the individual compositions.

If you would like to take some of these compositions for a test drive, feel free to check out our You Play First Chair trumpet play-along video series by clicking HERE.

Trumpet Ensembles

Other Compositions

Pearl – Brass Trio – Trumpet, Horn and Tuba


For Brass Trio
Trumpet, Horn and Tuba

Pearl is a brass trio composition for a nonstandard instrumentation; trumpet, horn and tuba (most brass trios use trumpet horn and trombone). The piece is biographical in  nature. Pearl is my wife’s name. This is the first composition I ever wrote using motifs and musical structure to describe a person.

Pearl is basically a conservative piece, leaning towards something neo-romantic in style.

Copyright Year: 2005

Performance Rights Organization: BMI

Three Famous Soldiers – Brass Quintet
Three Famous Soldiers

Three Famous Soldiers

For Brass Quintet

Three Famous Soldiers is from a Bible story. The piece depicts three of David’s top soldiers as they cross into enemy lines to fetch a drink of water for David. The well that they fetched it from is David’s favorite water. When they returned with the liquid prize, David poured it on the ground. Read more about the story in 1 Chronicles 11:18.

This composition is a perfect recital piece. In fact, we performed it at a recital at Rice University as part of Dave Kirk’s faculty recital. It is serious but highly entertaining.

Copyright Year: 2002

Performance Rights Organization: BMI