Trumpet Related Services in Houston, Texas

Houston is a great place to be if you want professional quality music. If you have high standards for your musical needs, we know you have options. That’s why we want all of Houston to know that what we do is always top form, world class work. Eddie Lewis is a Houston based trumpeter who offers services in three basic music categories; education, performance, and composition.

The items below are all clickable for your best convenience.

Education Services

As an educator, Eddie Lewis is an authority in the areas of trumpet performance, jazz improvisation, and  composition. The following is a list of the education services that he provides.

Performance Services

Eddie Lewis has been performing as a professional trumpet player since the early 80’s. Here are some of the services he offers in that capacity:

  • As a Soloist for:
    • Festivals
    • Churches
    • Weddings
    • School Concerts
    • Funerals
  • Bands/Ensembles for Hire
    • Jazz Groups
      • Jazz Forever LLC
      • Living Rhythms
    • Brass Ensembles
      • Bravado Brass
      • Consort Immanuel Trumpet
    • Piano and Trumpet Duo
  • Sideman – Pickup Musician
    • Churches
    • Subbing in Bands
    • Shows and Pit Work
  • Recording Work
    • Studio Sessions
    • Live Sessions
    • Remote Sessions
    • Trumpet Demos
  • Contracting
    • Churches
    • Shows
    • Special Events
    • Weddings