Houston Trumpet Teacher

Although Eddie Lewis has a reputation as a performer, he is also a natural born teacher. He has a way of connecting with students, of all ages, that helps them understand the topics clearly and motivates them to excel.

As a teacher, Lewis operates in a number of different capacities. Yes, he teaches private lessons, but there is much more to it than that.

Group Lessons

Mr. Lewis does offer group lessons for families or homeschool students at rates that are more economic than private lessons. If you have a group of students who are at roughly the same skill level, you may want to consider group lessons.

Group lessons are a bit different in that Mr. Lewis incorporates ensemble music into the lesson. The lessons still cover the basic rudiments of trumpet playing, but the music the group practices will often be performance ready.


Are you looking for someone to work with your trumpets for your school band? Eddie Lewis will work with your students to help them polish their ensemble music in a way that helps them sound like a unified section.

Youtube Q&A

Eddie has an active Youtube channel where you can go to ask him questions about trumpet, jazz or composition.

Chamber Music Coaching

If you have an ensemble and would like some constructive criticism, consider hiring Eddie Lewis to help out.

Eddie Lewis Trumpet


For this website, a masterclass is defined as when the teacher (Eddie Lewis) uses a small number of students to demonstrate concepts and ideas to the audience. Eddie does do masterclasses, but what a lot of other people call masterclasses we actually refer to as workshops.

Eddie Lewis is available to teach masterclasses. Feel free to contact him at the contact form here on the website.