Arrangement Commissions

Eddie Lewis began writing arrangements as a junior high student, living in Hawaii, in the mid 1970’s. He didn’t know what arrangements were at the time, but there were songs he wanted to play with his friends and he didn’t have access to the sheet music. So he wrote his own. He has been writing arrangements ever since.

The most notable aspect of Eddie’s arrangements is that they are almost always fun for the musicians. And when the musicians enjoy what they are doing, so does the audience when the pieces are being performed.

Never Cut and Paste

Eddie’s approach to arranging is to deconstruct the piece into it’s basic elements and then reconstruct it for your instrumentation. Flute players may not necessarily get flute parts and trombone players may not necessarily get trombone parts.

There is a big difference between a transcription and an arrangement. An arrangement uses the original composition as a starting point to create a new interpretation of the same musical idea. While Eddie can be hired to write transcriptions, that’s not what this page is advertising.

To hire Eddie to write arrangements for your ensemble, please feel free to reach out to him through our CONTACT FORM.

The following Youtube playlist demonstrates some of Eddie Lewis’ recent arrangements.