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About the Hymns

All of the hymns in this collection are from traditional hymn books. They are what I refer to as “genuine hymns”, meaning that they are strophic in form and do not require accompaniment the way normal “songs” do.

Real hymns, as opposed to praise and worship “songs”, are 100% stand-alone. You can sing them alone and nothing will be missing from the music. Or you can sing them with a full choir and orchestra and their natures remain unchanged.

Unadorned Trumpet Hymns

It’s no secret that I am a Christian who makes his living as a secular musician. I perform, compose and teach all things trumpet, but at the center of all of my motivations is my love for Jesus Christ. While all of my recordings have underlying Christian themes, Rivers of Life was my first official Christian recording.

But Rivers of Life is jazz and a lot of Christians don’t like jazz. It’s too busy and as my aunt Rosemary once told me, “jazz sounds like it never stops.” And the truth is, even though I enjoy performing jazz, and I also enjoy listening to it, there are times when even I feel like I’d rather listen to something simpler.

Unadorned Trumpet Hymns is my more simplistic answer to Rivers of Life. This is a collection of hymns recorded with absolutely no embellishments of any sort. I present to you the hymns, as performed on trumpet, in their most natural states.

A First Fruits Recording

The Unadorned Trumpet Hymns album was an idea I had for incorporating the practice of “first fruits” into my recording sessions. For a few months, every time I sat down to record, I recorded another hymn to add to the project.

That’s why I’ve been telling people that I didn’t make this album to make money. I made it because I want my Heavenly Father to know that He is first in my heart, and in my everyday life.