Skype Trumpet Lessons

Skype Screen ShotSome of Mr. Lewis’ students drive from as far away as Lufkin, Texas (140 miles) for their weekly lessons, but many people simply cannot do that. That’s why we offer trumpet lessons over a Skype connection. If you live too far from Houston to take in-person lessons, but really want to take lessons with Mr. Lewis, then Skype trumpet lessons are just right for you. We’ve been offering Skype lessons since 2015 and seem to have most of the bugs worked out.

The Beauty of Skype Trumpet Lessons

There are pros and cons to taking what used to be called “internet lessons“. Let’s look at the pros first.


Skype trumpet lessons are convenient. You don’t need to go anywhere. You don’t need to drive. You even get to choose which room you want to have your lesson in. As long as you have a good connection, the lessons can be located wherever you are most comfortable.

Taking Skype trumpet lessons also let’s Mr. Lewis hear you in your most comfortable environment. Many students say that they play better at home. Now you have a chance to put your best foot forward.

When you take Skype lessons, you are also unlikely to forget your music. Hey, it happens more often than you can imagine!


Unfortunately, Skype trumpet lessons will never completely replace live, in person lessons for a few very important reasons. One of those reasons is that the sound we hear through technology is never 100% like what it sounds like in person. This is a real problem. Helping students with working on their sound is a major part of music lessons of any sort, but in Skype trumpet lessons, we just have to “do our best to get by” or just ignore the sound stuff.

Another problem is that the students don’t have access to all of our equipment and literature. One of the reasons Mr. Lewis began teaching at his home studio is because all of his equipment and materials are right here, on site. We try to make due by sending PDF files and sound files across the connection, but it’s not nearly as good as being here in person.


What some of Mr. Lewis’ students have done is to mix the two types of lessons. You can take Skype trumpet lessons every other week and in person trumpet lessons in the other weeks. Or you can take four or five Skype lessons and then come to the studio for a “sound checkup”. For people who live out of the state, you may even consider Skype trumpet lessons with Mr. Lewis and live lessons with your local teacher.

You get to choose how you want to approach your lessons. We will work with you any way you want.