The following testimonials are listed in order of the students’ last names. For more testimonials and other information about Eddie Lewis, please feel free to visit his Kudos page or read his online resume.

Milton Cousins
“I took lessons with Mr. Lewis for 6 years, and he has greatly enriched the enjoyment I take in playing my trumpet. I would recommend him to players of any level looking to improve. I started taking lessons with him after a poor experience with a school-sanctioned private lesson teacher, and I immediately liked him a lot. Mr. Lewis tailors the lessons based on the strengths and weaknesses of the student, as well as the student’s personal goals. I found him to be very philosophical in the way he approaches trumpet playing; he has a vast knowledge of just about every aspect of the instrument, and shares his knowledge and methods in the lessons, instead of just having student blindly follow instructions. Mr. Lewis prepared me for not only competitions like region band and solo contest, but also for what playing trumpet in the “real world” would be like. I’m currently in college (non-music major), and I still play on a weekly basis, which I owe in part to the appreciation of playing I gleaned from my lessons.”

John Goode
“I am an adult trumpet player recently retired from a 25 year career teaching public school bands. I  know students need organized, age appropriate lessons tailored to their individual strengths and weaknesses presented by a knowlegeable, enthusiastic teacher. This is exactly why I am studying with Eddie Lewis.”

“I have taken trumpet lessons with professional players and many university teachers. While I gained from each teacher I consider my lessons with Eddie Lewis to be superior in several ways. Mr. Lewis develops the student as an individual. While stressing good trumpet playing basics he has always encouraged me to take my sound, my interests and develop them without trying to make me sound like someone else. Eddie performs classical, contemporary, jazz, latin, R&B, improvisation, and more. He is also a skilled composer and arranger. Using his diverse background Mr. Lewis has been able to address, often from personal experience, every question I posed with a clear and relevant answer that frequently was exactly what I needed to further advance my playing. One of the most important things I have gained from my lessons with Eddie was adopting his practice system. I believe any student who faithfully follows his practice advice will make greater progress in shorter time then with any other method. Quite frankly it is the most time-efficient system I have ever encountered. I wish I had studied with Eddie twenty years earlier!”

Jerry Hebble
“Eddie Lewis is a virtuoso trumpet player and a virtuoso trumpet
teacher. His students benefit from his years of experience at both.”

Eric Jackson – Spain Colored Orange
“Mr. Lewis is hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had…in any subject. In high school he prepared me for college and I received not only a scholarship but a full ride, something I could never have achieved on my own. I have used the “Physical Trumpet Pyramid” and “Daily Routines” since 1990 and swear by the results. I owe all of my success to these books. His methods have prepared me for a career as an award winning Trumpet player here in Houston and on a national scale. I personally cannot think of a better opportunity for your sons or daughters to get the instruction they need to take their playing to the next level, whether its just for fun or more academic study Mr. Lewis helps his students develop goals and gives them the tools to get there. Quit wasting your time and sign up for lessons now!”

Cameron Kade Kubos
“Eddie Lewis was the first private trumpet teacher I ever had for both jazz and classical. The things I learned from him have followed me from those first days as a freshmen in high school until today. I use concepts and exercises that I got from him on a daily basis, and I totally believe in them. I attribute much of the success I have had from jazz performances to all state bands to college auditions to those first lessons I had with Eddie. On top of his phenomenal musicianship, Eddie is an amazing person. I could not have asked for a better teacher or role model than Eddie to be an influence for both my playing and me personally.”

Randy Snider – San Jacinto College North
“Eddie – I wish to express admiration for and appreciation of your method and your teaching. You are a tremendous teacher and your method is exemplary! Thanks for all you have done for me my playing. Truly, truly remarkable.”

Kyle Taylor
“Eddie Lewis offers exceptional trumpet lessons as well as decades of professional experience to his students. During lessons, I was given numerous musical tools to use throughout my trumpet career to aid in my success as a player, which I still continue to this day, as well as simple, but impactful life lessons specific to the student’s situation.”

“Before taking lessons with Mr. Lewis, I was taking lessons with a local private lesson teacher offered by the school and was told to perform the same routines and was told the same comments on how to improve, with little success. Upon finding Mr. Lewis and beginning to take lessons from him, I noticed a vast improvement in my tone and technique as well as my appreciation for our lessons. Mr. Lewis offered me numerous positive life lessons as well as offering care for his students. This is something that I never experienced before with my previous lesson teacher, as with him, I was just another paycheck. I went from being last chair (7th) in my junior high second band to becoming 2nd chair in the top band in the span of a summer break. After continuing lessons with Mr. Lewis for several years, I became a Texas 5A area level player as well as a proficient jazz player in the Houston area with the help of Mr. Lewis, while also using Mr. Lewis’ suggestions to help overcome my stage fright. As I continue my college career as a student and a lead trumpet player in the Million Dollar Band at The University of Alabama, I still use Mr. Lewis’ techniques offered to me in lessons to continue to improve myself as well as my trumpet playing. I truly could not have asked for a better life mentor or trumpet teacher than Mr. Lewis.”

Joan Thomson
“My children have been taking trumpet lessons from Eddie for over 5 years. They admire him and feel fortunate to be able to learn from him since he is not only a respected professional musician but also an award winning composer. Several years ago we moved to the Cypress area but have continued to travel every week to Pasadena for trumpet lessons because it is definitely worth the effort.”

“When my children first started playing with Eddie they were part of a group of beginner trumpet players that he had put together. Eddie composed the music for the group himself, so that the children could practice playing different parts together. His motivation to compose for them was his inability to find any interesting arrangements available for a group of beginner trumpet players. I will always be grateful to Eddie for this because my children were able to play recognizable tunes and Christmas carols for their great-grandmother. Listening to the children play together in harmony gave her great pleasure as she was nearing the end of her life.”

“Over the years Eddie has also given my children the opportunity to perform in various concerts (one with professional musicians), attend an exciting jazz camp he put on, and be a part of a student CD he produced.”

“Eddie and his wife are wonderful to work with. They are fair and good natured. They have clear, reasonable written policies in place, and have always been willing to work with me. They are the best!”