Writing Horn Charts

Sometimes everyone in your band either plays by ear or has the entire set memorized, everyone except the horns.It’s not uncommon for the horn players to be the only ones in the band who need to have music.

Do you need horn charts for your band?

Because Eddie Lewis has been gigging since the 1980’s, he has also had many opportunities to write horn charts for the bands he has worked with. He has written literally hundreds of horn charts for bands in Houston, El Paso and across the country.

Charts for Non-Horn Tunes

A lot of bands don’t like their horn players to just stand there looking bored, but a lot of the popular songs today didn’t originally have horn parts. What do you do?

Eddie has a special talent for writing original horn parts for popular songs. He writes the parts in a way that subtly compliment the tune without drawing attention to the horns.

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I am singin with the lord

The music above is an example of Eddie Lewis’ music type setting. Eddie doesn’t only send you music that works, with the right notes and rhythms, etc. He also draws on over three decades of experience to present the music in a way that makes it easier to read and less likely for people to get lost.