Trumpet CDs and Digital Albums Featuring Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis has been doing recording sessions since his first Budweiser commercial in the early 80’s. He has recorded on dozens of other people’s CDs as a side man and is a featured artist on the follow albums. They are listed here in the order that they were released, with the most recent recordings at the top of the page.

It’s now possible to preview all of Eddie’s trumpet cds in one place on YouTube. Click HERE to gain access to play lists of all of his own albums (does not include albums Eddie recorded with other bands).

Trumpet Hymn Duets Digital Album - Trumpet CDs

Trumpet Hymn Duets is a digital album of 21 traditional Christian hymns arranged for trumpet duet. We are released this album at the same time as we released the Trumpet Hymn Duets book.

The purpose of this album is twofold. Frist, it is nice to listen to. These are our some of our most popular videos on YouTube and we expect them to be just as popular on the worlds streaming services. Second, these recordings are meant to help people who are using the play-along tracks to hear how the arrangements work before the practice the duets with those tracks.

If you would like more information about the Trumpet Hymn Duets book, feel free to click the following button. That will take you to a blog post that tells you everything you need to know about the book.

Play-Along Trumpet Hymn Duets Digital Album

Play-Along Trumpet Hymn Duets is an album of 42 play-along tracks to be used with Eddie Lewis’ Trumpet Hymn Duets book. There are two tracks for each hymn duet in the book. It the title of the track ends with “First Trumpet”, then that track has only the first trumpet part and you play the second part. If the track title ends in “Second Trumpet”, then that track has only the second part and you play the first part.

If you don’t know about the Trumpet Hymn Duets book, then we invite you to read more about it at Eddie’s blog. You can reach that blog post by clicking the following button:

Unadorned Trumpet Hymns II trumpet CD Cover

Unadorned Trumpet Hymns II is a sequel to Eddie Lewis’ very popular Unadorned Trumpet Hymns. We present to you another 49 Christian hymns performed in a completely “unadorned” style. No embellishments. No development. Just simply melodies.

First Trumpet Fruits trumpet cd

First Trumpet Fruits is kinda like a sequel to our Trumpet Quasi Master album. Both albums feature my original trumpet ensemble compositions. The main difference between Trumpet Quasi Master and First Trumpet Fruits is that First Trumpet Fruits features ONLY compositions that I’ve written in the past 18 months. All of the compositions on the First Trumpet Fruits album were composed during my morning “ministry time”. If you’d like to know more about that, feel free to click through and read the details on the dedicated First Trumpet Fruits page.

Unadorned Trumpet Carols Trumpet CD Cover

Unadorned Trumpet Carols is the sequel to our Unadorned Trumpet Hymns album. As with the hymns, these Christmas carols are recorded without any embellishments of any sort. Performing the carols this way has a calming effect that counterbalances the hustle and bustle of the modern Christmas season. And the best news of all is that we have an adult friendly, coloring book that goes with it.

celebrations trumpet duets cd cover

In 2006 Eddie Lewis released a book of 101 trumpet duets titled, Celebrations. As a book, it was the most ambitious project he had ever completed. After three years of composing, he ended up with 165 pages of original music. This trumpet CD by the same title, Celebrations, is a recording of 100 of those trumpet duets (the distributor we work with has a 100 song limit).

Unadorned Trumpet Hymns Trumpet CD Cover

Eddie recorded 49 traditional Christian hymns on trumpet for this very unique CD. This is the music Eddie grew up with, singing in church from when he was just a toddler. The hymns in this collection are completely unembellished. There are no modulations, no jazzed up rhythms, no fancy endings, and not even a grace note. Hymns are powerful melodies that can stand on their own without all the extra fluff.

Trumpet Quasi Master Cover

This is a collection of 44 of Eddie Lewis’ original compositions for various trumpet instrumentations. There are trumpet solos, duets, trios, quartet, quintets, sextets, septets, octets and even one twelve piece work called Trumpets of Jubilee.

Rivers of Life CD Cover

Rivers of Life is a Christian jazz recording. Some of the songs on the album are originals. Others are traditional hymns. Then there are a couple of covers, and a few spontaneous improvisations.

The musicians on this album include Eddie Lewis on trumpet and flugelhorn, Geoff Andress (Eddie’s Uncle) on piano and Jonathan on bass.

Mardi Gras Legends

Mardi Gras Legends Trumpet CD

Another album from Jazz Forever. Eddie Lewis wrote every arrangement on this recording, conducted the band, produced the recording and played trumpet on it.

We will write and post a page about this recording when we have time.

Available at

Spiked Eggnog CD cver

Eddie Lewis is the musical director of a ten piece jazz ensemble called Jazz Forever. Not only does he perform with the band, but he also conducts and writes all of the arrangements.

Spiked Eggnog is a jazz Christmas CD like no other. The arrangements are fun and clever and the musicianship is top notch.

A Not So Distant Past CD

El Paso has a wonderful jazz community and Eddie Lewis considers himself blessed that he was able to “grow up” musically speaking in that environment.

A Not So Distant Pass is an El Paso jazz reunion. Eddie teamed up with his buddies from the 80’s to record some of his original jazz tunes and a few free improvisations.

Jacqui Sutton – Notes from the Frontier

[image coming soon]

Eddie Lewis had the honor of working with Jacqui Sutton on two projects. The first was this album, Notes from the Frontier. We often use Jacqui’s album as an exmaple of how it should be done. The music is top notch, unique and expressive. The physical album itself gives you the “full experience” of submerging yourself into this new world of wonderful music.

Vintage Trumpet Treasures CD

Vintage Trumpet Treasures is a collection of turn of the century trumpet duets. It’s Mr. Lewis’ first effort to do a recording project in his home studio. Today, six releases later, it remains his best selling recording. That defies conventional wisdom. It is, after all, just a recording of trumpet duets.

But really, it’s more than just that. This is an album of good, wholesome music. That’s why it continues to sell better than Mr. Lewis’ other recordings.

Sounds of the South

Texas Brass Sounds of the South CD

Texas Brass – Sounds of the South

Eddie Lewis had the honor of writing music for this album and performing on it as second trumpet.

Eddie has been performing with the Texas Brass off and on since the early 90’s. He was only an official member for a few years, but continues to work with the group several times each year.

Click HERE to listen to sound clips from the album and/or purchase it.

The Tom Borling BeBop Band Plays Eddie Lewis

Tom Borling Bebop Band CD

Tom Borling Bebop Band

Eddie Lewis wrote most of the music for this CD. To our knowledge, it is only available on CDBaby anymore.

This is the recording that put Eddie Lewis on the map as a jazz trumpet player in the Houston area.

Click HERE to listen to sound clips from the album and/or purchase it.