The Physical Trumpet Pyramid Clinic

This clinic is popular with trumpet players who are already familiar with Eddie Lewis’ books and want to know more about how they work. Mr. Lewis’ approach to the physical side of trumpet playing is based on his concept of a pyramid. The pyramid demonstrates levels of dependency. The lower levels of the pyramid serve as foundations for the upper levels.

The Physical Trumpet Pyramid clinic deals with standard, rudimentary exercises. In that regard, the method itself is rooted in the traditional trumpet staples. Eddie Lewis’ concept does not attempt to replace any of the traditional exercises. It merely serves as a technique for organizing the materials.

Topics Covered

  • The Pyramid Structure
  • Air Exercises vs. Breathing Exercises
  • Lip Buzz and Mouthpiece Buzz
  • Long Tones
  • Scales and/or Flow Studies
  • Lip Slurs
  • Articulation and Intervals
  • Multiple Tonguing
  • Lyrical Playing

The Physical Trumpet Pyramid structure has helps literally thousands of trumpet students improve their physical playing. Here is a quote from a trumpet player who spells it out perfectly:

John Holifield
“I got hold of your Trumpet Pyramid Book (SMP) many years ago and then the Daily Routine (SMP, Amazon) book. I preferred to organize other books using your Ideology and I must say, I have done nothing but progress ever since. The main reason for my practicing this way was It was actually doable. It was easy to incorporate practicing this way so I could also have a wife, family and a life. Before I would organize my practice schedule with the same materials and progressive style but would practice in full the routine every day and would barely make any strength or range gains, although my technic was amazing.

For a long time I was a believer in Claude Gordon that the only way to succeed was to practice every day for many hours. Even Doc’s comment when he was young about taking a day off – he would know, taking two days off – the band would know, taking three days off – everybody would know. Well I found out the hard way, this ain’t true. Hard work does not always mean success. Smart work will be more successful.

Sorry for the long post but really I do agree with you with your Ideology and practice methods. They work for me and all I have taught since discovering this. So, in essence, Thank You!!!”

Please note that what we refer to as a clinic, some teachers refer to as a masterclass or workshop. If you are looking for someone to teach a masterclass or workshop on the Physical Trumpet Pyramid, it’s the same thing. Please feel free to contact us to setup an appointment.

Some of Eddie’s Other Clinic Titles

All-State Prep

The All-State Prep clinic is only available from February to late June, early July. In the All-State Prep clinic, Mr. Lewis teaches the students what they can do to prepare for the All-State auditions before the music is announced. It is limited to Spring and Summer because the music is announced in late July.

The Art of Accumulative Practice

Eddie teaches what he calls “accumulative practice” instead of maintenance practice. It is possible to practice in a way that makes every minute count towards your personal progress. When you are organized and use proven practice techniques, ever minute you practice takes you closer to your musical goals.

The Physical Trumpet Pyramid

The name of this clinic is also the name of Eddie Lewis’ first book. The Physical Trumpet Pyramid is the underlying concept that his Daily Routines and Chops Express books are built upon. In this clinic, Mr. Lewis will teach your students how to apply this extremely beneficial structure to their practice sessions.

The Strength Forumula

Trumpet players are always looking for a higher range and greater endurance. Mr. Lewis teaches that the two of these are byproducts of strength. In this clinic, he will teach the students the formula for strength development and how to implement it in their practice.

Availability Outside of Houston

While most of the workshops and clinics Eddie Lewis does are local to the Houston area, it is not uncommon for him to travel. If you are interested in hiring him for a workshop in a Texas city outside of Houston, please feel free to contact us. We will spend time with you to find way to make it work.