Jazz Listening (1/26) Freddie Hubbard

Freddie Hubbard from his Sweet Return album playing The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.

1) How long is this tune? Why do you think they play so long?
2) What was the solo order on this song?
3) What was your favorite part of Freddie Hubbard’s solo?

Trumpet Listening (1/26) Santino Torre

Santino Torre – Casta Diva – Dalla Norma – Di V. Bellini – (Banda Dell’arma Dei Carabinieri)

1) Look at this band’s uniforms. As you watch the video, consider the military tradition from which our modern bands are derived from. If you are in a school band, how is this band similar to yours?
2) What kind of trumpet is Santino Torre playing?
3) Look at Mr. Torre’s embouchure. How would you describe it to someone who can’t see this video?

Extra Credit Listening
Here’s another video of Mr. Torre’s playing. Enjoy!!!

Trumpet Listening (1/19) Adam Rapa

Adam Rapa with the Belgian Brass
playing C.M. Von Weber’s Clarinet Concerto Number Two

1) What kind of trumpet is Adam Rapa playing? Look carefully!
2) Does this concerto sound to you like it was composed 200 years ago? Why?
3) What is the instrumentation for the Belgian Brass? How is this different from other brass ensembles you’ve seen or heard?

1/19/15 Jazz Listening – Clark Terry – Undecided

Clark Terry, Phil Woods, and Sahib Shihab Performing Undecided


1) Considering how fast this song is and how fast Clark Terry is playing, if you were to turn off the sound, does he look like he is playing fast? Explain your answer.

2) Consider the “form” of this song. What happens and in what order?

3) What kind of instrument is Clark Terry playing?

Elijah M. at JEN

congratulations!We would like to quickly congratulate Elijah M. on his participation in the annual Jazz Educators Network (J.E.N.) conference this past weekend. He performed with two different Houston ensembles, the H.S.P.V.A. Jazz Ensemble and the Latin Jazz group called Caliente.

1/12/15 Trumpet Listening – Terry Everson

Terry Everson, Professor of Trumpet at Boston University, plays Persichetti’s Parable for Trumpet.


1) What kind of trumpet (C or B flat) is Mr. Everson using for this Persichetti composition? How can you tell the difference?

2) Would you call this a modern composition? When do you think it was written?

3) At 3:05 to 3:15 on the video, Mr. Everson plays a long A flat followed by a G. This happens twice. There is something he does that is very unusual to get to the G. What is it?


1/12/15 Jazz Listening – Chase – Get It On

Bill Chases Band, Chase, Performing Get It On


1) Do you like high note trumpet playing? Why?

2) What are some other “jazz rock” bands you can think of?

3) How would you describe the interaction between the trumpets and the vocals?


1/5/14 Trumpet Listening – Army Band Trumpet Ensemble

The United States Army Band Pershing’s Own Trumpet Ensemble performing Kevin McKee’s “Dürrenhorn Passage”


1) For this composition, are the members of the ensemble playing Bb trumpets or C trumpets?

2) Using only what you hear (do not try to find the music to answer this questions), what time signature is this composition written in? What makes you say so?

3) Looking at each of the members of the ensemble, do they all have the same embouchure? Do they all hold the instrument the same way? What are your thoughts about this?

1/5/14 Jazz Listening Clifford Brown

Clifford Brown, Jazz Trumpeter on the Soupy Sales TV Show

Questions to answer:

1) Look at the way Clifford Brown is holding his trumpet. Is this the correct way to hold your instrument?

2) If you know what the difference is between “upstream” and “downstream” trumpet players, which one is Clifford Brown, based on what you see in this video? If you do not know what “upstream” and “downstream” means, ask Mr. Lewis to explain it to you in your next lesson.

3) Look at Clifford Brown’s facial expressions while he plays. How expressive are his facial expressions in comparison to his musicianship? Which is more expressive, the way he looks or the way he plays the trumpet?

Congratulation Elijah M.

congratulations!We want to congratulate Elijah M. for making fourth chair in the All-Region band. This gives him the opportunity to go to area and audition for All-State.

Elijah recently won first chair in the All-Region jazz ensemble, so he is doing quite well this year.