New Tiger Music Products

Pearl and I have been busy updating the music store with new products and we thought it would be a good idea to review them briefly here so you know what we’ve been up to lately:

Morning Prayer VariationsMorning Prayer
Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky

This is my second most recent composition. I decided to compose a them and variations based on this very short piano piece by Tchaikovsky. The very first arrangement I ever wrong for brass quintet was a transcription of this same piece. I wrote it for the Bravado Brass Quintet in El Paso a couple years before I left. When I moved to Chicago, I left my music behind for the guys to continue performing and I never got a copy of that piece.

Last year, after almost thirty years later, I asked on Facebook if anyone had a copy of that arrangement and someone said they could find it for me. In a week I received a PDF scan of that original arrangement. When I read through the piece, I was shocked at how short it was. That’s when I decided to compose a theme and variations, to make it a full concert length composition.

My original arrangement is currently available at the music store as a free download. For access to that free download, you can click here.

Trumpets of JubileeTrumpets of Jubilee
For Twelve Trumpets

Trumpets of Jubilee is a piece I composed, off and on, for about seven years. It was something I would dig out when I had a spare few minutes and jot a few new ideas down.

The composition is my most major trumpet work to date. Twelve parts with 130 measures comes out to 1,560 measures total, not quite as grand as my Lord’s Prayer for Brass Quintet, but bigger than my Three Famous Soldiers composition. There is a very wide margin between this and the next biggest trumpet piece I’ve written.

That’s part of why it took me so long to compose. I never really felt like there was a market for a 12 trumpet work, so I only really ever worked on it when I was writing music for my own entertainment (which I do sometimes). So yes, I did enjoy writing this piece. It has musical elements that I don’t think I ever used before.

Most notable of which is the fugue at the beginning of the piece. It is a modern fugue, in that it utilizes modern harmonies and lots of chromaticism, but it is not so modern as to repulse the listeners.

The piece is already recorded, so be on the lookout for an official release sometime soon.

Moving In MiraclesMoving In Miracles
For Six Trumpets

This is another trumpet ensemble, my most recent composition. The purpose of the piece was to provide background music for a promo video for Pearl’s new Healing Patterns book.

The objective was to compose something “healing” for the trumpet.

There is a bit of a funny story that goes with this. When I first began jotting down ideas for this piece, I wrote what I thought would sound more “healing” based on my knowledge of music. What I was writing sounded nice, and it was working, but it didn’t really fit the image we chose for the video. I learned something from this experience. There are different kinds of healing! How’s that for a brand new revelation?

The images in Pearl’s book are all very different, one page to the next. I just happened to choose for this video the only one in the book that had squares and sharp edges. The music I was jotting down based on my intellectual knowledge of music was more appropriate for softer edges and more rounded shapes (like the rest of her book).

So I started over again and wrote the music with my ear and with my heart, the way I should have done from the beginning.

Here is that video for you to sample not only Pearl’s book, but also the new trumpet composition.

That’s three new products for now. I will post this and write about the other new stuff later.

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Use code at checkout: GoSlow40

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Carrying a Bag – Part of the Business

Jazz Forever RecordingAbout fifteen years ago I made the decision to start carrying a bag to all of my gigs. The idea was to take everything I would ever need on a gig to every gig.

Like a Boy Scout – Be Prepared

A lot of music students don’t even consider the non-musical aspects of our job as professional musicians. There is so much more to “going pro” than being a great player. Some of the non-musical aspects are so important that you could destroy your entire career if you got them wrong, no matter how talented you are on your axe.

It was Danny Garcia (a saxophonist in El Paso) who taught me to be organized about my equipment. Of course it’s different for woodwind players because they take a variety of different instruments to gigs, depending on what they were called for. But still, for us as trumpet players, having the right gear when you walk out the door is important, too.

Over the years I have allowed my professional laziness dictate that I simply put everything I need into one single bag. Instead of repacking the bag before the gig, it is always ready for almost every gig.

My Personal Gig List:

  • Mutes
    • 2 Straight Mutes
    • Harmon Mute
    • Bucket Mute
    • Cup Mute
    • Mica Mute
    • Plunger
  • Pencil Bag
    • Wooden Pencil With Eraser
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Small Post-its.
    • Two Black Pens
    • One Red Pen
    • One Stylus
    • Two Clothes Pins
    • Two Emergency Ear Plugs
  • Spare tee shirts
    • One Black
    • One White
  • Valve Oil
  • Mouthpieces
  • Headphones
  • Business Cards
  • Lip Balm
  • Protein Bar
  • Emergency Bow Tie
  • Phone Charger
  • Ear Buds
  • Stand Light
  • Laptop
  • Wireless Mouse

That’s everything in my bag right now.

I think that sometimes people assume I’m nuts because I carry this bag to gigs even if I don’t need anything in it. Most often the only thing I pull out of the bag is a mouthpiece.

But I operate best as a creature of habit. Because I carry the same bag to every gig, there is very little chance that I will ever forget something I need for a gig.